Nový Prenosný Skladací Ergonomické Notebook Stojan Slim Neviditeľné Nastaviteľný Držiak Prenosný Skladací Stôl Stojany pre Apple MacBook


Štítky: mäkké notebook tabuľka, notebook stojan drevený, pre macbook stojan, ergonomický pracovný stôl, macbook air, pre stojan monitora, imac podporu, ergonomické notebook, upraviť notebook stojan, mac podpora.

    €14.30 €15.54
  • Package: Áno
  • Názov Značky: huacase
  • Materiál: Kožené
  • Číslo Modelu: Normálna Veľkosť Notebooky
  • Funkcia: Nabíjačka

Sand Fsa2020-12-22
"Good quality, size, perfect to work while standing."
"Although I will give credit in terms of fast delivery and still fairly usable, this product isn't worth to pay for. First of all, the build quality isn't the best, which questions the durability over time. The material used for this product isn't strong as it wobbles a lot. It's slippery too as my laptop easily slides off the stand on low angle height. Which leads me to the second point. Yes, it has several 'possible' angles, but I can only use the 25-degree angle and the highest heights. 45 and 60-degree angles aren't even possible to use because there isn't any support for my laptop, which is disappointing as they're the ideal angles for me. Overall, this stand isn't that great and there are better alternatives at even lower price. "

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